The Lighted Paver


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The color can be set to red, green, blue, orange, turquoise, purple, yellow, lt blue, violet or white
and it can all be done with a wireless RF remote

These standard size paver lights work with regular paver bricks.

They are super heavy construction that holds up under traffic for driveway use,
they will support the weight of a car, so they can be installed anywhere with no worry.

The LED's have a life of 50,000 hours, if you use 8 hours per day the expected life would be 17 years.

This is the same size as a standard brick paver - 8" x 3-3/4" x 2-1/4"



The LED paver light is sealed and is completely waterproof.
6 LED paver lights use only 600 ma and work with a 12VDC low current transformer.

These pavers can be set as a solid color or set to be controlled to keep beat with the music.
All of the settings are controlled by a RF wireless remote

A minium a 6 Pavers can be ordered and it comes with an RF remote and the controller

Click to play video below of LED pavers keeping beat with music.

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Example of how the pavers are used

Here is a cheap version of The Lighted Pavers from Home Depot

they cannot be used on a driveway,
they will not support the weight of a car
there are no colors to select, only the color white
you cannot dim the brightness
they cannot be connected to music,
they are not controlled by a wireless remote.

The Lighted Address

click to play to view changing colors

The LED Lighted Lanai Light


The selectable colors are very bright and dimmable with both a wireless
handheld remote control or a touch panel wall plate.

There is a waterproof 4 pin plug on the back where it plugs into the
power source and the best thing is its low voltage 12VDC.

This light is sealed to keep water out and is designed for outdoor use.
The LEDs used here are the waterproof type

You can select the color you want and when you turn on the lights
it will be that color you selected every time you turn it on.

The color is not predetermined, you can also change that color and level of brightness on the fly.



The touch panel and remote control is used to control lighting.

Below is an expensive example of another type
of Lanai light that is being used

click to play below for example

The cost above for just 4 of these Lights is $950.00

There are no colors to select, they only have the color white
They cannot be connected to music
They are not controlled by a wireless remote

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